April Blackburn, parent to a child with leukemia

I have a three year old daughter named Laina. She has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. So she is one of the 55,000 children with disabilities that was mentioned earlier. We are extremely concerned about Medicaid cuts. Her treatment is extremely expensive, and she is on Medicaid. It’s a two and a half year treatment plan. The cost is over $1 million over the course of 2.5 years. Just the oral medication she takes at home is over $2000 a month. So to say that they’re going to cap federal Medicaid spending and make the state pay for it, a state that already has problems with affording medical care for its citizens, is insane. To look at people like my children, my poor children, and say that they don’t deserve the care they need to stay healthy and to stay at home is abominable. I don't know how they sleep at night. People like my children need medical care to stay healthy, to stay live in my daughter’s case. We can't cut it. We can’t allow this to happen. Not only to our state, but to our nation. If we are to make America great again, then we have to take care of the people who live here.

Dylan Waguespack