More than 431,000 Louisianans are at risk of losing coverage.


Get the Facts: The American Health Care Act (AHCA)

The ahca Would Reverse Coverage Gains in louisiana.

The AHCA would phase out the Medicaid expansion and cut funding for premium tax credits by 56 percent. As a result, the 540,000 Louisianans who are expected to be enrolled in the Medicaid expansion by 2020 would lose their coverage. The 111,000 Louisiana residents who receive premium tax credit subsidies to purchase private health insurance would see their subsidy cut by an average of $3,013 per year, and many would no longer be able to afford their premiums.


the ahca would kill louisiana jobs and hurt the economy.

The reduction in federal funding and loss of coverage caused by the AHCA would negatively impact providers, eliminate health care jobs, and reduce economic activity across the state. The elimination of the Medicaid expansion alone would cost Louisiana an estimated 14,000 jobs. Nearly 4,000 health care workers would lose their jobs and 2,300 construction jobs would be lost. The state of Louisiana, including its employers and residents, simply cannot afford the massive cuts included in the AHCA.


the ahca would end medicaid as we know it.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the House passed version of the American Health Care Act would reduce federal Medicaid by $834 billion over the next 10 years. It would phase out the Medicaid expansion and cap federal Medicaid funding, ending the program as we know it today and eliminating coverage for 14 million Americans. The impacts on Louisiana would be particularly damaging given the state’s challenging fiscal environment and relatively large Medicaid population.



“If you want to be fiscally responsible, then coverage is better than no coverage.”



Louisiana's rate of uninsured dropped significantly after implementation of ACA


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