Coverage Matters.


Coverage matters. Louisiana families matter. 

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) being considered by the United States Senate would harm Louisianans, our state budget, and the health care community. 

Would my family or myself be impacted by the AHCA?

The short answer is yes for almost everyone. If you have employer-sponsored health coverage, if you are newly covered under Medicaid expansion, if you have a disability or a child with a disability, or if you're a senior citizen, the AHCA has the potential to greatly impact your health coverage. It's time to set the facts straight on the AHCA. 


According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), as many as 23 million Americans could lose their coverage, including 14 million Medicaid beneficiaries and 3 million people with employer-sponsored insurance.


Premiums could skyrocket, especially for individuals who are elderly or have a pre-existing condition, and some individuals would face upwards of 800 percent increases in premiums.


The AHCA would allow states to apply for waivers to opt out of key consumer protections, including essential health care such as hospital visits, prescription drugs, ambulatory services, and preventative care.


The waivers would also allow insurers to charge people based on their health status, and would allow insurers to charge older Louisianans an "age tax" that would result in premiums up to five times more more expensive than premiums for a younger, healthier person purcahsing the same insurance plan.


It's up to us to protect coverage for Louisiana families.